(Click on one of the tabs above for my blog posts please, I am not sure how to make stuff pretty yet.)

VanillaLingLing is my outlet for documenting all of my life’s journey. Right now my journey pretty much consists of trying to lose weight and get healthy, taking care of my babies {human and dog}, and trying to keep my house clean along the way.

I am hoping that my posts come off as simple easy reads without too much information. Because as a mom, I know that a lot of readers may not have time for a long story in one sitting. So my blog may never be flashy and beautiful, but who knows? I love me some glitter.

Behind the name: I enjoy the flavor vanilla quite a bit for starters. For the Ling Ling, that is my Chinese name. My bestie since kindergarten is half Chinese and she, her mom, and I came up with it when they were here for Thanksgiving since I have been working on learning Canotonese!

My loves..

My family is my greatest love. I have a toddler boy and baby girl under one, 2 bichon frises, and a toy poodle. Among a bunch of chickens. I have a husband too.

I love to learn, teach, reading, crochet, drink tea, groom my dogs (when they let me), go for walks, play monster trucks and video games, visiting friends and hopefully blogging will be one of my loves.

My Goals for this:
-Share my experiences with motherhood.
-Share my struggles with mental health.
-Document my road to what feels healthy.

This is how to

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